Canada, land of opportunity and distant memories

Raya Sleka was with her friends at High Park when she heard something fly over her head, instinctively she ducked for cover, afraid. Her friends laughed saying “You’re in Canada now, it’s safe.” “It ended up being an air show, but I almost wanted to cry, for me it wasn’t a joke. I just came from Syria. I struggled a lot with just the idea … Continue reading Canada, land of opportunity and distant memories

To You, Familiar Demon

It’s a brisk morning today, the air is cold with a taste of melancholy, I miss something, something that is still here. Death, why do you come around so gingerly. Oh heavens, something’s staring at me, something that breathes down my neck with a stench of familiarity. I don’t need to speak your name, you’ll just keep picking at my wounds with your sharp talons, … Continue reading To You, Familiar Demon