Journalism and a momentary rant with no purpose from a disciple

A moment of magic. That’s what I thought I’d experience. I remember, I, a child chasing the seductive ball around the endless green pitch, my first love was football, the charming European cousin to the American brute.  And much like a bitter ending to a French new wave film we parted ways, she was farContinue reading “Journalism and a momentary rant with no purpose from a disciple”

Fred Hampton and the footsteps he left behind

Fred Hampton recently re-entered the public’s minds after the film Judas and the Black Messiah began rumbling with Oscar buzz, yet the story behind the man is a tale worth much more than simple award-season buzz.  Growing up a young Black boy I was searching for heroes, I’ll never forget the day I stumbled uponContinue reading “Fred Hampton and the footsteps he left behind”

what the hell was I doing in an art gallery today?

Today was my first time waking into any form of an art gallery, I would often pass by them and think them too exclusive and elite for me to simply understand, never mind entering their immense presence, I felt like I’ll be a frog among princes. Yet this week I found some spare bravery andContinue reading “what the hell was I doing in an art gallery today?”

To You, Familiar Demon

It’s a brisk morning today, the air is cold with a taste of melancholy, I miss something, something that is still here. Death, why do you come around so gingerly. Oh heavens, something’s staring at me, something that breathes down my neck with a stench of familiarity. I don’t need to speak your name, you’llContinue reading “To You, Familiar Demon”

Midnight Train 1989: Ode to Youth

Beatdown streets of Memphis, a love letter to Elvis Pressley, and the specter of the stories he left behind. Jim Jarmusch’s 1989 flick Mystery Train is a snapshot of Americana, at its grimy glory.  The journey begins at the sideview of a teenaged couple from Yokohama sitting across each other as the noise of theContinue reading “Midnight Train 1989: Ode to Youth”

Cinema Chronicles: That Obscure Object of Desire

The many masks of love and lust and how interchangeable they really are. At the core of this grand piece of film lays a fundamental question, who is the hunter and who is the hunted?   Luis Bunuel’s ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’ was an adaption of the 1898 novel The Woman and the Puppet. WidelyContinue reading “Cinema Chronicles: That Obscure Object of Desire”